1. Be awesome.

Be respectful and comforting to each other. Make sure that your behavior is under this code of conduct.

2. Actually build something

This is not a presentation-athon. Make something that's working and try to push your thinking forward.

3. Make your project here

The project must be developed entirely during the hackathon hours only.

4. Team size

Make sure you're only a team of 4 or 5 at max.

5. Be interdisciplinary

Make somthing that's a blend of different subjects, this will allow you to think in new directions.

6. Leverage people

Dont just make something that solves a problem. Make something that solves a problem AND also leverages the way people function.

7. You're a rockstar, be a rockstar.

Don't be bogged down into thinking that your project is very "ambitious" or "undoable". Don't let other's opinion or projects lower your confidence.